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Fritzi Massari, Austrian actress, 1905

Austrian Jewish actress who escaped Hitler’s Germany and emigrated. This photo shows the incredible glamour of fashion during the fin de siecle (turn of the century) in Vienna.  

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Iconic image of Hedy Lamar

Lamar was born in Austria to two Jewish parents (but she was raised Catholic) and married c. 1933 to a fascist (but not Nazi). Her husband was so controlling she had to flee from him disguised as a maid. Already famous … Continue reading

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Rembrandt van Rijn, Nightwatch , 1642. 

“On June 30, 1945, Rembrandt van Rijn’s masterpiece, Nightwatch (Militia Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq), was formally unrolled at the Rijksmuseum after having been returned to Amsterdam by the Dutch canal system on a special boat. The painting had spent … Continue reading

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Arrest that Rat!

It never fails to impress me by how much the previous generations did and fought and sacrificed for WWII. The commitment of women on the home front was no laughing matter. Here is a photo from British archives showing women … Continue reading

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Unidentified Japanese woman, 1947

Colored negative found on this flickr photo stream.

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Walter Nessler, Premonition

This painting by Nessler, his most famous, depicts London being bombed. He painted it before the London Blitz. A highly evocative work that conveys the influence of German Expressionism on him, art he must have been exposed to before he … Continue reading

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Lionel S. Reiss, Courtyard in Chelm

Illustration of Chelm, Eastern Poland, before World War II and the Holocaust. Almost all 15,000 Jews of this town were exterminated in the concentration Sobibor by 1940.

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Disney animation fighting Nazi Terror

Walt Disney made an animated film for children explaining how children are brainwashed to become Nazis under the Third Reich. We need to make similar videos for children around the world to show how ISIS and other terrorist groups like … Continue reading

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Scenes from Buchenwald

Although I usually post on art, a post by Mogromo about his Uncle at Dachau concentration camp got me thinking about a shocking film I saw that the Allies took shortly after WWII. They forced German civilians (mainly women, who else was … Continue reading

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Ben Shahn, (1898 Russia- 1969 US), Liberation

The work below Liberation (1945), is Ben Shahn’s celebration of the end of Fascism. It is really touching and evocative. The foreground shows children playing, symbolizing exhilaration. The background shows the rubble of buildings, devastated by the War and symbolic … Continue reading

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