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Baldishol tapestry (Norwegian), 12th century

The part which has been preserved – the two months of April and May – is a fragment of a larger tapestry designed as a frieze which most likely consisted of 12 motives – one for each month of the … Continue reading

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Swiss tapestry, 1430-1447

In the German speaking world of the late fourteenth to fifteenth centuries the role of Wild people and fabulous beasts was an  important theme in art, poetry and pageant.  Wildness implied man’s natural instincts, pleasures, and freedom, as opposed to … Continue reading

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Tapestry of Esther, made in Brussels, 1510-1520

This tapestry was made on the theme from the Book of Esther. (see more below). In this tapestry note King Ahasuerus, top middle, Queen Esther (being touched by his scepter), behind Esther, in a turban, probably Mordecai. Standing in the right … Continue reading

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