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Leonora Carrington

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Joelle Poulos

Very nice surrealistic one. Visit the site at joellepoulos.com

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The Man with the Rubber Head (film, 1902)

I was NOT trying to find bizarre things to put up on this site…just happened across it during photo research and thought I would share it. This film is among others by the cineaste Georges Meliers.    

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Joana Coccarelli, Cable Car of Love

I really do like collage. I can draw, paint, but I can’t do collage to save my life. Like cooking, for some reason, it’s an art I have no imagination for.  This one I think is extraordinarily well done.  

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Dream of Venus by Murray Korman w Salvador Dali

One of a series. View more about this 1939 photography here.

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Composite portrait of Helen Hanson

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Virginia Mori, Illustrator

Virginia Mori is very much in the style of Edward Gorey but much darker. See this link.

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Salvador Dali, Shirley Temple, the youngest holy monster of the cinema, 1939

I will admit that I’m not a Dali fan and that I don’t find his style appealing, so not much on this site. However, I find this image sort of delightful. Today this sort of photo collage is common but … Continue reading

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Happy New Year :) Darkest posts from 2015

Alfred Kubin., Tormented. Harvey Marcus, Myra Hindley: When Art is Evil. Danzig Baldaev, Scenes from the Gulag Mendel Grossman, Lodz Ghetto Magritte, the Menaced Assassin Killers Among Us

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Man Ray, Solarized photo of Lee Miller

Lee Miller was Man Ray’s lover and a muse for a time before she left him. Miller not only inspired Man Ray’s best images but she even discovered the solarization technique he used, below. Her image is so striking that … Continue reading

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