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Train travel, Spain, c. 1961

I just love this picture. The children are like little cherubs lined in the sky of a Renaissance painting, only they are in black and white on bunk beds.

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Missy Malone by Anna P. Bosque

Holy Miss Molly…I mean Holy Missy Malone…Anna is quite a photographer! She captures fun and glamour here that truly takes us back in time. View her additionally lovely pictures of Spain etc on her photostream.

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Gerard Mas

Contemporary Spanish sculptor influenced by Renaissance methods and materials.

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Arturo Souto (Spain, 1904 – 1964), I Go, 1934

Interesting painter. Attempted different styles (De Chirico, Picasso Rose Period, etc), media, also painted war scenes. This one resembles German Expressionism.

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Arturo Souto (Spain, 1904 – 1964), Galician Modernist

Arturo Souto, Inn at Port 

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St. Michael and Gothic Art

Juan de la Abadía el Viejo (fl. 1470-1498) was a Spanish painter in the gothic Spanish-Flemish style. See more below. ABADIA, Juan de la The Archangel Michael   The archangel Michael was, like St. George the dragon-killer, a warlike saint in the … Continue reading

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