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Houdini at famous Wizard’s grave

Houdini at the grave of John Henry Anderson, Wizard of the North, Aberdeen, Scotland. 1914. Houdini traveled there because of his love of magic and spent money reconstituting the grave. 

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BDSM crazy club decor, Scotland

  While photo researching online for a book.,I have seen RAWTHER racy things. However, nothing quite like this. Who knew bloody bathroom decor attracted club goers? Maybe the Scots fry their candy bars and then dunk them in the bloodbath? (I am part Scot … Continue reading

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Ralph Thompson, Annie, Scotland

Beautifully lit portrait on this flickr site. Something touching about this photo.

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Favourite Fairy Tales told in Scotland

In this rather disturbing Scottish legend, the sea monster eats a number of maidens (sacrificed to it) before it is killed off and transformed into the Shetland Islands. My five-year old bairn was not too thrilled to hear about  all … Continue reading

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Favorite Fairy Tales told in Scotland, illustrated by Adrienne Adams

Found on Petra’s Cupboard. I own my own copy and it has the best version of Little Gingerbread Man, but it’s some sort of scottish pancake and gets chased by wee bairns in wee cottages with peat fires.

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