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Andrea del Sarto, The Annunciation, c.1528

He was known for  in effects of color, atmosphere.  by sophisticated informality and natural expression of emotion. I noticed these in this painting, which has something modern about it in its simple space and natural expression.

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Giovanni Bellini, Madonna of the Red Cherubs, 1485

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Brigid Marlin, Ezekiel

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Late Gothic: Return of the Magi c. 1410

Giovanni da Modena The Return of the Magi c. 1410 Fresco Basilica di S. Petronio, Bologna. Late Gothic painting influenced by Lombard examples of the International Gothic. Very strange picture to me as it seems so dark for the subject. … Continue reading

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William Blake

Eve Tempted by the Serpent. Blake is definitely one of my favorite artists. His poetry is incredible as well.

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Hell, from the Hortus Deliciarum

The Hortus Deliciarum is a large compilation of texts from Biblical, traditional and theological sources to treat the history of the world from creation to its final consummation at the end of time. This compilation made by Herrad, abbess of … Continue reading

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Shalom of Safed– Naive Art

Shalom Moscowitz, known as Shalom of Safed, (1885-1980) Self-taught Israeli artist. I am planning to write and illustrate a number of Jewish children’s books and while the style will differ from below, it is rather inspiring. Scene from Exodus, (Shows … Continue reading

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