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Disney animation fighting Nazi Terror

Walt Disney made an animated film for children explaining how children are brainwashed to become Nazis under the Third Reich. We need to make similar videos for children around the world to show how ISIS and other terrorist groups like … Continue reading

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Scenes from Buchenwald

Although I usually post on art, a┬ápost by Mogromo about his Uncle at Dachau┬áconcentration camp got me thinking about a shocking film I saw that the Allies took shortly after WWII. They forced German civilians (mainly women, who else was … Continue reading

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The uses of art: political propaganda and the power of color

I remember when first seeing the poster of Obama that it reminded me of something, vaguely, but what? That was Russian constructivism and possibly Italian futurism. Shepard Fairey, the graphic designer who came up with Obama’s design, seems to have … Continue reading

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