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Robert Doisneau, La Fille du Flipper (pinball), 1953

Wow, so sexy.

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Sean Carroll, Heart and Soul

A great contemporary nod to the past. By Sean Carroll, from this photo stream.

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Rolph Armstrong, Pinup

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Girl in Ghost Car

June 11, 1940. “General Motors exhibit at Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco. Transparent Car with Pontiac Chassis and Body by Fisher.”

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Anita Ekberg, 1955, Swedish actress

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Magenta by Nik Guerra

Magenta is an pinup/dominatrix/femme fatale cartoon character by Nik Guerra, an Italian artist. See his website. I never realized it, but when Michelangelo and other painters made sketches before they completedĀ paintings, the sketches were called cartoons, after carton (Italian) or … Continue reading

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Colorized drawing by me after Anna Nicole Smith

This was sketched by hand (after a photograph), then photographed and imported into a basic editor program (draw) where I colorized it. I’m wondering if any readers could give me feedback regarding the overall quality here, (needs some touch ups) … Continue reading

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Enoch Bolles, Breezy (1938)

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