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Edward Weston, from his Nude Series, Sand Dunes at Oceana, 1936

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Time in photos

When you see a random photo from a long time ago, you have the urge to dismiss the immediacy of it (and the transience of time) and say to yourself “that happened so long ago” or even “well, they’re dead and … Continue reading

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Nath Planas

The model conveys ultimate eroticism, the image carrying you away to another dimension. The environment plays strongly-the model is angled in the trees, her arms parallel the branches. Her hair flows like a water of thistles.  The surrounding raw beauty of the fir … Continue reading

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Nath Planas, Araceli y Giovana

Stunning and reminds me of the Victorian photography of Margaret Cameron.

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Nath Planas, Lo Insostenible

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Marie-Sophie Wilson-Carr

Very strange. A contemporary model but whose face reminds me of a World War II Jewish partisan in this image. It’s the photographer, the shot, but still feels like reincarnation.

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Joelle Poulos

Very nice surrealistic one. Visit the site at joellepoulos.com

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Sergej Eisenstein by Margaret Bourke-White

Russian film director Sergej Eisenstein being shaved on the terrace of Bourke-White’s studio in the Chysler Building, NYC, 1932. There is something surrealistic here; at any rate, as a child, I loved Eisenstein’s expressionistic film Ivan the Terrible.  There is a lot of … Continue reading

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Iconic image of Hedy Lamar

Lamar was born in Austria to two Jewish parents (but she was raised Catholic) and married c. 1933 to a fascist (but not Nazi). Her husband was so controlling she had to flee from him disguised as a maid. Already famous … Continue reading

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Beatrice Rice Lee, c. 1920s, Canada

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