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Ferenc Helbing (Hungary, 1870-1958), The Garden of Eden

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Charles Amable-Lenoir, Reverie (Dream), 1893

I’m going to make this last post tonight unapologetic┬áschmaltz. Academic painter Lenoir’s lighting is beautiful here, something straight out of Peter Pan.

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Francis Bacon in his studio by Carlos Freire

No, we can’t compare ourselves to a genius like Bacon. On the other hand, now that I see what a slob he was, maybe this validates those of us with some creativity who are incapable of organization. Maybe there is … Continue reading

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Head of Girl with Long Hair, Benda, Wladyslaw T. , cc.1923

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Walter Nessler, Premonition

This painting by Nessler, his most famous, depicts London being bombed. He painted it before the London Blitz. A highly evocative work that conveys the influence of German Expressionism on him, art he must have been exposed to before he … Continue reading

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Walter Nessler, Southern Landscape (France), 1955

Nessler, a German emigre painter who escaped to England, was anti-Hitler and anti-Nazi. He was part of the brain drain of Germany. It is difficult to conceive how many great minds were lost during that period, whether emigres who left … Continue reading

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John Hoyland, (1934-2011) British abstract painter

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Master of the Aeneid (active circa 1530-1535) French, Limoges, circa 1530, Book VIII of the Aeneid

I came across this, sold by the 12th Duke of Northumberland on Sotheby’s. It was located in Alnwick┬áCastle, Northumberland, from 1908 to 2014. With the decline of some of these great estates in Europe, you have to wonder who the … Continue reading

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Mequitta Ahuja

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Nava Gidanian-Kagan, Open Sea, 2012 (see http://www.navagidanian.com)

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