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Gustave Moreau, Study from the Triumph of Alexander

Gustave Moreau has always been one of the artists I most admire. His drawings that are etched over watercolor create the most beautiful ethereal filigree. Here is a drawing done separate from the painting as a whole. The ornamentalism is … Continue reading

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“China Through the Looking Glass”, Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibit

This week I happened to catch the final end of this installation at the Met with my daughter, la fashionista. At times I feel like I have really failed her when I remember at her age I was unconscious of … Continue reading

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Jean-Leon Gerome, The Snake Charmer, 1870

There is are a number of things we would find reprehensible in Gerome’s paintings and in Orientalism in general such as the objectification of African and Middle Eastern peoples, and the objectification of women. This painting has a certain sweetness … Continue reading

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Distortions of Grande Odalisque and Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

Some parallels lie between the works below, with the major themes being: nudity, brothels, colonialism, distortion, and space. See more below. Ingres’ painting, left, Grande Odalisque or Une Odalisque, caused controversial amongst the academy. He was breaking with neo-classicism and … Continue reading

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