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Iconic image of Hedy Lamar

Lamar was born in Austria to two Jewish parents (but she was raised Catholic) and married c. 1933 to a fascist (but not Nazi). Her husband was so controlling she had to flee from him disguised as a maid. Already¬†famous … Continue reading

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Disney animation fighting Nazi Terror

Walt Disney made an animated film for children explaining how children are brainwashed to become Nazis under the Third Reich. We need to make similar videos for children around the world to show how ISIS and other terrorist groups like … Continue reading

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Mendel Grossman, Lodz Ghetto

This haunting photo shows Mendel Grossman, Jewish photographer, who covertly photographed the Lodz Ghetto in Poland before it was liquidated by the Nazis and Jews sent to concentration camps. His pictures were called as a collection, “Death in Motion.” Grossman … Continue reading

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Max Pechstein and Why Nazis hated Expressionism

German Expressionism was derided by the Nazis as “Degenerate Art.” Before some research, I did not fully understand. (See more below picture) Max Pechstein,¬†Girl with Red Fan I thought it was simply that they preferred a neoclassical style. or that … Continue reading

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Emile Nolde, German Expressionist, reflecting in Goebbels

“There are those who say my art work was sponsored and bought by Jews. This is false too. Some scattered paintings have found their way into the hands of Jews through the art market. Generally however they antagonize me. They … Continue reading

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