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Warsaw Ghetto destroyed, Jews “Forcibly pulled out of dug-outs”

This picture broke my heart knowing the horrible agony and murder awaiting these Jewish men, women, and children. It’s almost too sick to believe it is a real photo, but it is, taken by German propaganda. Their title of the … Continue reading

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Disney animation fighting Nazi Terror

Walt Disney made an animated film for children explaining how children are brainwashed to become Nazis under the Third Reich. We need to make similar videos for children around the world to show how ISIS and other terrorist groups like … Continue reading

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Felix Nussbaum, murdered Jewish artist by Nazis. The Secret, 1939

The Secret: whispers of concentration camps? or just of Jews being shot in pits?

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Felix Nussbaum, murdered Jewish artist by Nazis. Masquerade, 1939

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Felix Nussbaum, Self-Portrait with Identity Card, 1943

This painting always haunted me, before I discovered that in fact, Felix Nussbaum was gassed at Auschwitz. (His whole family was murdered). This painting was created while Nussbaum was in hiding from the Nazis. So many labeled degenerate artists were … Continue reading

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Frantisek Kupka, Tango and Plundered Czech art

I love this work. There feels to be Munch in it. Kupka (1871-1957) was an artist from Czechoslovakia. More below. Kupka was supported by Jindrich Waldes, who collected his work. Waldes’ collection was confiscated first by the Nazis, who deemed … Continue reading

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Max Pechstein and Why Nazis hated Expressionism

German Expressionism was derided by the Nazis as “Degenerate Art.” Before some research, I did not fully understand. (See more below picture) Max Pechstein, Girl with Red Fan I thought it was simply that they preferred a neoclassical style. or that … Continue reading

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John Heartfield, Dadaist Extraordinaire and Nazi defier

John Heartfield (1891–1968), born Helmut Herzfel, turned art into a political weapon. Joining the KPD (German Communist Party) between WWI and WWII as well as following the Dadaists, he created photomontages mocking Hitler and the Nazi party. See more below. 1939. Hitler … Continue reading

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