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Warsaw Ghetto destroyed, Jews “Forcibly pulled out of dug-outs”

This picture broke my heart knowing the horrible agony and murder awaiting these Jewish men, women, and children. It’s almost too sick to believe it is a real photo, but it is, taken by German propaganda. Their title of the … Continue reading

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Killers Among Us Part 2 of 4

This is part 2 of a diversion from the usual art postings. The topic of this blog is my life with (serial and non-serial) killers. (Also see part 1) After college, I moved to Washington DC, (Bethesda, actually), and lived … Continue reading

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Surrealism in Music

Although I usually post on art, I decided to post some music today. This is industrial music from England with references to Surrealism (the art movement) as well as some famous notorious killings in England such as the Yorkshire Ripper. … Continue reading

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When Art Is Evil

Marcus Harvey, Myra In the United States, when this portrait of Myra Hindley was shown, it made little stir. (See below) That’s because she is lesser known in the US than in England, where she helped Ian Brady murder several … Continue reading

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