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Conceptual art, Dada, and Marcel DuChamp

There are few periods of art I intensely dislike, but I guess one of them is Conceptualism. This first started when I was introduced to Marcel DuChamp when I was 17. (A Dadaist but this was the precursor movement to … Continue reading

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Pentti Sarpaneva

Although I usually post on paintings, I’ve fixated lately on modernist jewelry. This example by Pentti Sarpaneva is a great inspiration. The creation of modernist jewelry is described by Philip K Dick in a breathtaking way in his novel The Man in the High … Continue reading

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R.B. Kitaj: The Man of the Woods and the Cat of the Mountain

Ages ago it seems I first saw a painting by R.B. Kitaj. He is considered a pop artist. The particular image was intriguing and I just wanted to know what it meant. (See more below) The title was The Man … Continue reading

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