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Lionel S. Reiss, Courtyard in Chelm

Illustration of Chelm, Eastern Poland, before World War II and the Holocaust. Almost all 15,000 Jews of this town were exterminated in the concentration Sobibor by 1940.

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Murals I created for a sukkah: panels 1, 2, 3, showing Sea of Galilee, Golan Heights

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Wojciech Siudmak, Reincarnation

I wonder what other people believe, but I believe in the transmigration of souls. It makes sense to me that like other natural materials, spirits are energy that like other energy is recycled throughout time. My belief is inspired by Arizal.

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Masada by AM.

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Arthur Szyk, playing cards

For more on his life read here. A graphic artist who fought against the occupation of Poland and for the state of Israel.

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Jewish wooden synagogue, recreated

Reconstructed from one that stood for hundreds of years in Poland. Winged keruvim at right hold the Ark of the Covenant.

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Jonasz Stern, Deportation of Jewish Children, 1940

(1904-1988) During occupation he found himself in the ghetto in Lvov, where he was involved in conspiracy, for which he was sent to the concentration camp in Bełżec. He managed, however, to flee from the transport and return to the … Continue reading

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Tapestry of Esther, made in Brussels, 1510-1520

This tapestry was made on the theme from the Book of Esther. (see more below). In this tapestry note King Ahasuerus, top middle, Queen Esther (being touched by his scepter), behind Esther, in a turban, probably Mordecai. Standing in the right … Continue reading

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Shalom of Safed– Naive Art

Shalom Moscowitz, known as Shalom of Safed, (1885-1980) Self-taught Israeli artist. I am planning to write and illustrate a number of Jewish children’s books and while the style will differ from below, it is rather inspiring. Scene from Exodus, (Shows … Continue reading

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Chaim Soutine: Background

Chaim Soutine (1893-1943) was a Belorusian Jewish painter. He is classified as an Expressionist who led the way to Abstract Expressionism and was an important influence on that movement. See more below. Chaim Soutine, Bellboy, 1925 Soutine was born into a highly … Continue reading

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