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Representation of a wicker man from Britannia Antiqua Illustrata (1676).

A wicker man was a wicker statue burned in effigy by the ancient Druids, rather than making a human sacrifice. I was looking up old illustrations and ran across this and post out of interest.

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Vojtech Kubašta, Czech children’s books illustrator, pop up designer

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Harry Clarke, 1919 illustration of Ligeia by E.A. Poe

One of Poe’s best stories and thematically linked to”Vertigo” by Hitchcock.

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Cautionary tales from Eastern Europe

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Mr. Twee Deedle by Johnny Gruelle

Children’s author and illustrator of Raggedy Ann books and comics Little Orphan Annie. 

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Dore’s Destruction of Sennacherib’s Host

colorized version of Dore’s Destruction of Sennacherib’s Host

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