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Coronation of Louis VIII of France and Blanche of Castile,c. 1223, at Reims in 1223; a miniature from the Grandes Chroniques de France, circa 1450.

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Azor masters ca. 1430 Esther before Ahasuerus illumination–Happy Purim

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Hortus deliciarum, 1167-1185 manuscript

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Hell, from the Hortus Deliciarum

The Hortus Deliciarum is a large compilation of texts from Biblical, traditional and theological sources to treat the history of the world from creation to its final consummation at the end of time. This compilation made by Herrad, abbess of … Continue reading

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Le Bal des Ardents, a Masquerade Ball of Terror

Here is an illuminated manuscript painting from the 15th century Froissart’s Chronicles. It tells a very disturbing story. (See more below).     The Bal des Ardents (Ball of the Burning Men[1]) or Bal des Sauvages[2] was a masquerade ball[note 1] … Continue reading

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