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Dr. Seuss What Was I Scared of?

I just wish I could live in this gloomy book. The narrator meets the pale green pants with nobody inside them. Blood chilling illustrations. As Kurtz from Heart of Darkness would have said: “The horror!”

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The Innocents, 1961, horror film based on Henry James Turn of the Screw

Both the story and the film deal with the unreliable narrator. In this shocking scene, one of the nanny’s charges, Miles, stands before a window in which we see the apparition of Quint. This is one of the scariest movies … Continue reading

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Black Christmas, classic horror film, 1974

An excellent horror/ thriller with Olivia Hussey and Margot Kidder. Inspired probably by Ted Bundy’s murders occurring at that time. Please use viewer discretion. This is a very disturbing film for some people. Watch the film here.

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Harry Clarke, 1919 illustration of Ligeia by E.A. Poe

One of Poe’s best stories and thematically linked to”Vertigo” by Hitchcock.

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Giotto, Expulsion of Devils. Truly frightening

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Pieter BRUEGEL the Elder

Pieter BRUEGEL the Elder, The Triumph of Death  (detail), 1562. His painting was probably influenced by the entrance of the Spanish Inquisition into Netherlands. The 1550 “Edict of Blood”established the death penalty for Protestant heresies.

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“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.” ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet

It is the Hamlet of horror roles.   —Anthony Perkins (1932-1992). After Perkins died of AIDS, his widow died in 2001. On 9/11 on Flight 11, Atta’s plane.

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Le Bal des Ardents, a Masquerade Ball of Terror

Here is an illuminated manuscript painting from the 15th century Froissart’s Chronicles. It tells a very disturbing story. (See more below).     The Bal des Ardents (Ball of the Burning Men[1]) or Bal des Sauvages[2] was a masquerade ball[note 1] … Continue reading

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