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Time in photos

When you see a random photo from a long time ago, you have the urge to dismiss the immediacy of it (and the transience of time) and say to yourself “that happened so long ago” or even “well, they’re dead and … Continue reading

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Scenes from Buchenwald

Although I usually post on art, a post by Mogromo about his Uncle at Dachau concentration camp got me thinking about a shocking film I saw that the Allies took shortly after WWII. They forced German civilians (mainly women, who else was … Continue reading

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Representation of a wicker man from Britannia Antiqua Illustrata (1676).

A wicker man was a wicker statue burned in effigy by the ancient Druids, rather than making a human sacrifice. I was looking up old illustrations and ran across this and post out of interest.

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Satirical Stamp, France

Anti-Hitler French stamp. Hitler was a housepainter, a lanz corporal in WWI, and a failed painter, all of which caused jokes. Hitler had many comedians and other people executed or sent to camps for jokes the told.

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Pieter BRUEGEL the Elder

Pieter BRUEGEL the Elder, The Triumph of Death  (detail), 1562. His painting was probably influenced by the entrance of the Spanish Inquisition into Netherlands. The 1550 “Edict of Blood”established the death penalty for Protestant heresies.

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