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Chaneling Bond

Beautiful image from Nylon Pinkley. See her photostream. I’m a sucker for 70s colors, it seems.  

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Magenta by Nik Guerra

Magenta is an pinup/dominatrix/femme fatale cartoon character by Nik Guerra, an Italian artist. See his website. I never realized it, but when Michelangelo and other painters made sketches before they completed paintings, the sketches were called cartoons, after carton (Italian) or … Continue reading

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Wyndham Lewis, La Suerte (Luck)

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Disney animation fighting Nazi Terror

Walt Disney made an animated film for children explaining how children are brainwashed to become Nazis under the Third Reich. We need to make similar videos for children around the world to show how ISIS and other terrorist groups like … Continue reading

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Ben Shahn (1898 b. Russia- 1969 US), Artist

Jewish American artist known for left-wing activism and also a cartoony style. He was born in Russia but after his father was condemned to Siberia, his mother took the family to the US when Shahn was 8 years old. This … Continue reading

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Cartooning Therapy

I never thought of myself as a cartoonist since real cartoonists I were so much more focused. However, during a period of severe depression I cartooned briefly.  Art and music have a great ability to help people transcend pain. This … Continue reading

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“Moebius” (Jean Giraud), famous fantasy artist, cartoonist, creator of Tron, others.

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Maw and Paw animated short

Unavailable but originally shown on the Woody Woodpecker show. View (version w Russian) here.

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Danzig Baldaev–scenes from the GULAG

Danzig Baldaev was employed by the GULAG. The son of an ‘enemy of the people’, he was subject to repression in communist Russia and sent to an orphanage for children of political prisoners. After serving in the army in World War II, he came … Continue reading

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Satirical Stamp, France

Anti-Hitler French stamp. Hitler was a housepainter, a lanz corporal in WWI, and a failed painter, all of which caused jokes. Hitler had many comedians and other people executed or sent to camps for jokes the told.

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