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Dreaming of Empathy

Once, when rushing out of the elevators from a publishing job, I ran so fast and in the wrong direction that I crashed into a granite wall. So I know what it is like to literally hit a wall. I … Continue reading

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How to be English

I don’t think anyone is really missing this blog, (except one person and you know who you are, in Ireland), but in any case sorry for my absence.  I’ve been preoccupied. Here is a comic for you all with explanation … Continue reading

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Alien nightmare

It’s not unusual for me to have vivid dreams and nightmares but last night was one of its kind. I was on the iPad or computer messing around, and seeing a man with deformed hands like flippers, I clicked to … Continue reading

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Jia Lu, unsure of title

This reminds me of rain sequences/scenes in the film Blade Runner with misunderstood replicants (androids). The underlying message of replicants vs. humans is outsider/not normal vs. normal and questions regarding what is human, what is humanity. Ironically, one of the replicants was played by … Continue reading

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