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High School Confession Part II

High School did not have to be a cesspool. It was a mistake my parents had made by moving us from a university town, where I fit in somewhat, to a suburb where most of the kids were Whiskey Tango. … Continue reading

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High School Confession Part 1

High School, for me, was an arbitrary hell that someone had dumped me in. This is not to say that middle school was better, or even elementary. It was all awful. The strange thing is there was no one obvious … Continue reading

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Cartooning Therapy

I never thought of myself as a cartoonist since real cartoonists I were so much more focused. However, during a period of severe depression I cartooned briefly. ¬†Art and music have a great ability to help people transcend pain. This … Continue reading

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Cesar Santos, (b 1982, US, Cuban American), Back

This powerful image deals with a US military personnel “back” from tour in Iraq etc. It is more haunting when you see it as a larger picture Think of what the subject has seen, shown in the eyes… Behind him … Continue reading

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When I was a child –ignore unless you like children’s art

When I was a child, my favorite books were probably Dorrie the Witch. (or among them), by Patricia Coombs. Edward Gorey had some nice hatching, but I didn’t relate to the characters. The Dorrie illustration style was similar, but I … Continue reading

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