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Scenes from Buchenwald

Although I usually post on art, a post by Mogromo about his Uncle at Dachau concentration camp got me thinking about a shocking film I saw that the Allies took shortly after WWII. They forced German civilians (mainly women, who else was … Continue reading

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Max Pechstein and Why Nazis hated Expressionism

German Expressionism was derided by the Nazis as “Degenerate Art.” Before some research, I did not fully understand. (See more below picture) Max Pechstein, Girl with Red Fan I thought it was simply that they preferred a neoclassical style. or that … Continue reading

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Emile Nolde, German Expressionist, reflecting in Goebbels

“There are those who say my art work was sponsored and bought by Jews. This is false too. Some scattered paintings have found their way into the hands of Jews through the art market. Generally however they antagonize me. They … Continue reading

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R.B. Kitaj: The Man of the Woods and the Cat of the Mountain

Ages ago it seems I first saw a painting by R.B. Kitaj. He is considered a pop artist. The particular image was intriguing and I just wanted to know what it meant. (See more below) The title was The Man … Continue reading

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Degenerate artist

Max Pechstein, Under the Trees, 1911  Max Pechstein, one of the earlier German Expressionists and a member of Die Brucke, painted works which had a fauvist influence. This one, on the other hand, actually reminds me very much of Edward Munch. … Continue reading

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