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Magical mirror with Zodiac signs, Seljuq, Iran, (12 c.) from the Louvre

Magical mirror with Zodiac signs. Molded bronze with molded and engraved decoration, Seljuq Iran, 12th century.

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Representation of a wicker man from Britannia Antiqua Illustrata (1676).

A wicker man was a wicker statue burned in effigy by the ancient Druids, rather than making a human sacrifice. I was looking up old illustrations and ran across this and post out of interest.

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Kadir Sisginoglu, Turkish painter

I’m not as well traveled as nomads, but I recognized the sculptures in this art as coming from Mount Nemrut, Turkey.

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Artemis killing Actaion– Greek art from mixing bowl (bell krater) by Pan Painter, Attica, 470 B.C.

A subject I know nothing about. Read more here about the object and here about the legend.

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Masada, Israel. To be here is to be at the summit of the earth and the beginning of heaven.

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Mosaic, from one of these locations: San Marco, Santa Maria Assunta in Torcello, or Murano

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