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Gaby Stenberg as Titania

Gaby Stenberg, Swedish actress, as Titania in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (film), 1944.

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Alice in Wonderland film, stopmotion, 1949

Before Disney’s success, Lou Bunin’s version was released in 1949.

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Alice in Wonderland–Puppet

Cheshire Cat Puppt made by the Puppet Kitchen, custom puppet makers in NYC.

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Disturbing puppet theater

Extremely talented performer in Austria, Neville Tranter. Puppets and themes are gruesome but wickedly sardonic. His style is guignol. In this video, he lampoons the nazis and in particular here, Goering. Watch here.

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Disconcerting little chicks

Another morbid piece of kitsch from Stew Leonard’s. What depraved¬†person thinks these up? Here are the chicks in the egg carton. I guess they are selling you the eggs, although the eggs and chicks are ALSO situated over a sign … Continue reading

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More Stew Leonard’s kitsch

OK, I’m an adult. Not even a young adult! But I love puppets. However, I find these puppets/animatrons at Stew Leonard’s borderline depressing, even causing suicide ideation. Why do they make me feel so hopeless? Well, for one thing..what does … Continue reading

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Stew Leonard’s Kitsch Cow

In New York we have a chain of stores- Stew Leonard’s. ¬†They are intriguing because they contain some kitsch displays. The stores are unnerving because as a shopper you are herded through the store (you move in a procession and … Continue reading

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