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Dreaming of Empathy

Once, when rushing out of the elevators from a publishing job, I ran so fast and in the wrong direction that I crashed into a granite wall. So I know what it is like to literally hit a wall. I … Continue reading

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High School Confession Part II

High School did not have to be a cesspool. It was a mistake my parents had made by moving us from a university town, where I fit in somewhat, to a suburb where most of the kids were Whiskey Tango. … Continue reading

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High School Confession Part 1

High School, for me, was an arbitrary hell that someone had dumped me in. This is not to say that middle school was better, or even elementary. It was all awful. The strange thing is there was no one obvious … Continue reading

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Sleepwalking and its sisters

Sleepwalking, sleeptalking, epilepsy, depression, and impulsive control disorders: Are they related? (See more below). John Everett Millais, The Somnambulist, 1871 My five-year-old was recently hospitalized for epilepsy. partial complex. apparently this has some relationship to impulse control disorder, which he … Continue reading

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