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Robert Doisneau, La Fille du Flipper (pinball), 1953

Wow, so sexy.

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Sean Carroll, Heart and Soul

A great contemporary nod to the past. By Sean Carroll, from this photo stream.

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Tjebbe van Tijen, Chanel Smell of Death

See his very thoughtful discussion of Marilyn Monroe used by Chanel and Chanel’s history with antisemitism. Sort of ironic that Chanel, who planned to profit from Hitler, ended up using the image of a woman who converted to Judaism when … Continue reading

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Chaneling Bond

Beautiful image from Nylon Pinkley. See her photostream. I’m a sucker for 70s colors, it seems.  

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Missy Malone by Anna P. Bosque

Holy Miss Molly…I mean Holy Missy Malone…Anna is quite a photographer! She captures fun and glamour here that truly takes us back in time. View her additionally lovely pictures of Spain etc on her photostream.

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J’Adore Paris, Houston Burlesque by Ed Schipul

This is just an incredible photo. See his photostream for albums of other burlesque.

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Camera 35, 1971

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Rolph Armstrong, Pinup

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Girl in Ghost Car

June 11, 1940. “General Motors exhibit at Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco. Transparent Car with Pontiac Chassis and Body by Fisher.”

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Louis Carriere, French pulp fiction artist

I just ran across this and thought it was funny. What is that guy wearing? (If it’s a guy–Oh, wait, he’s French. I lived there in 1990 and they really did still wear scarves).¬†He is even more peculiar¬†than the flasher … Continue reading

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