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“Night Bloom” | Anneliese Seubert (in John Galliano for Givenchy Haute Couture

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Richard Avedon (Death and the Maiden)

He did a “playful” series for The New Yorker, with this model and skeleton. This one I liked. Here the Grim Reaper holds the mirror.

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Dona Drake, 1940s starlet

She was a beautiful exotic in Hollywood in those days, being a small portion African American. I am not sure if she thus played any female leads. She was absolutely stunning. Love the victory roll hairstyle here.

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Glove Symmetry, by Mo

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Girl on the Run, noir film, 1953

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Virginia Mori, Illustrator

Virginia Mori is very much in the style of Edward Gorey but much darker. See this link.

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Happy New Year :) Darkest posts from 2015

Alfred Kubin., Tormented. Harvey Marcus, Myra Hindley: When Art is Evil. Danzig Baldaev, Scenes from the Gulag Mendel Grossman, Lodz Ghetto Magritte, the Menaced Assassin Killers Among Us

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