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William Blake, Beatrice Addressing Dante, 1827

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Cecil Beaton and the ‘Rabbit Coat’, 1937, Gordon Anthony, National Portrait Gallery, London

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Alice in Wonderland film, stopmotion, 1949

Before Disney’s success, Lou Bunin’s version was released in 1949.

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Holiday Books and Movies

This fun quiz came from Abbie Lu. Check out her site any book lovers out there. If you wish, take the quiz and link to us! HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND SEASON’S GREADINGS! 1) FAVORITE BOOK/S TO READ DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON? These would … Continue reading

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Against the Grain (À rebours ) by J. K. Huysmans

Read about the book/author here. This is an image I ran across that reminded me of this quote from the book about the main character, Esseintes, the anti-hero. “He desired colors whose expressiveness would be displayed in the artificial light of … Continue reading

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