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Sergej Eisenstein by Margaret Bourke-White

Russian film director Sergej Eisenstein being shaved on the terrace of Bourke-White’s studio in the Chysler Building, NYC, 1932. There is something surrealistic here; at any rate, as a child, I loved Eisenstein’s expressionistic film Ivan the Terrible.  There is a lot of … Continue reading

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Iconic image of Hedy Lamar

Lamar was born in Austria to two Jewish parents (but she was raised Catholic) and married c. 1933 to a fascist (but not Nazi). Her husband was so controlling she had to flee from him disguised as a maid. Already famous … Continue reading

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Lya de Putti, Hungarian film actress, 1897-1931

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Norma Shearer, Slave to Fashion, 1925

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The Man with the Rubber Head (film, 1902)

I was NOT trying to find bizarre things to put up on this site…just happened across it during photo research and thought I would share it. This film is among others by the cineaste Georges Meliers.    

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Dona Drake, 1940s starlet

She was a beautiful exotic in Hollywood in those days, being a small portion African American. I am not sure if she thus played any female leads. She was absolutely stunning. Love the victory roll hairstyle here.

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Gaby Stenberg as Titania

Gaby Stenberg, Swedish actress, as Titania in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (film), 1944.

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Girl on the Run, noir film, 1953

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Alice in Wonderland film, stopmotion, 1949

Before Disney’s success, Lou Bunin’s version was released in 1949.

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Holiday Books and Movies

This fun quiz came from Abbie Lu. Check out her site any book lovers out there. If you wish, take the quiz and link to us! HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND SEASON’S GREADINGS! 1) FAVORITE BOOK/S TO READ DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON? These would … Continue reading

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