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Amy Clarke, Alice in Woodland

Good photographer. Provocative photo. Found on this photo stream.

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“Cleo”, Kenneth Mclnnis (1915)

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Glove Symmetry, by Mo

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J’Adore Paris, Houston Burlesque by Ed Schipul

This is just an incredible photo. See his photostream for albums of other burlesque.

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Cosplay, Japanese Geisha

from Ao Okuda’s photo stream. I love cosplay (in Japan esp.) but have no idea how they afford the costumes although I think some of them make their own.

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Gaby Stenberg as Titania

Gaby Stenberg, Swedish actress, as Titania in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (film), 1944.

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Louis Carriere, French pulp fiction artist

I just ran across this and thought it was funny. What is that guy wearing? (If it’s a guy–Oh, wait, he’s French. I lived there in 1990 and they really did still wear scarves). He is even more peculiar than the flasher … Continue reading

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Victor Moscoso, Miller Blues Band Poster, San Francisco

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Colorized drawing by me after Anna Nicole Smith

This was sketched by hand (after a photograph), then photographed and imported into a basic editor program (draw) where I colorized it. I’m wondering if any readers could give me feedback regarding the overall quality here, (needs some touch ups) … Continue reading

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Lucien Clergue, Nude Zebra

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