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Cecil Beaton and the ‘Rabbit Coat’, 1937, Gordon Anthony, National Portrait Gallery, London

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Amy Clarke, Alice in Woodland

Good photographer. Provocative photo. Found on this photo stream.

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Missy Malone by Anna P. Bosque

Holy Miss Molly…I mean Holy Missy Malone…Anna is quite a photographer! She captures fun and glamour here that truly takes us back in time. View her additionally lovely pictures of Spain etc on her photostream.

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J’Adore Paris, Houston Burlesque by Ed Schipul

This is just an incredible photo. See his photostream for albums of other burlesque.

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Joos van Cleve paints Elenora

Joos van Cleve, c. 1530, Portrait of Elenora, Queen of France. van Cleve was active in Antwerp, Netherlands, around 1511 to 1540. Combined traditional Netherlandish with Renaissance painting styles. Stunning record of jewelry and costume.

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