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Louis Carriere, French pulp fiction artist

I just ran across this and thought it was funny. What is that guy wearing? (If it’s a guy–Oh, wait, he’s French. I lived there in 1990 and they really did still wear scarves). He is even more peculiar than the flasher … Continue reading

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Issachar Ber Ryback, The Matchmaker

This work of Ber Ryback resembles works by Chaim Soutine. I love everything here: the colors, the fluid energy and wavy textures, and the marvelous caricatured expressions on the faces. It was very common in the Jewish world then for a matchmaker … Continue reading

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Carpet shock as metaphor for sickness

This is a cartoon I did during a period of depression. If you have ever been sick, I mean a real illness, not a cold, whether it’s Lupus or MS, Parkinsons, Lyme disease, Chron’s disease, an STD, HIV, or something … Continue reading

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Cartooning Therapy

I never thought of myself as a cartoonist since real cartoonists I were so much more focused. However, during a period of severe depression I cartooned briefly.  Art and music have a great ability to help people transcend pain. This … Continue reading

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