JMW Turner, Vermillion Towers

I especially love Turner’s more abstract works.


About kinneret

Hello, and welcome. I'm writing this blog under an alias. Why an alias? I started to write what may be described as an "American Gothic" novel (sort of Henry James/ Franz Kafka with violence) with some autobiographical details. ..when I started this blog I just decided to use the alias. This blog is about art and art history, but my interests also include literature, film analysis, psychology, forensic psychology, faerie tale analysis, cognitive therapy, cognitive linguistics, classical theater, World War II, and Russian and British history. My favorite writers include Kafka, the Brontes, and Philip K Dick. Thank you for reading this blog and I will happily reply to any comments.
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5 Responses to JMW Turner, Vermillion Towers

  1. marblenecltr says:

    Application of good imagination with good results. How popular was such work in his day?

    • kinneret says:

      Good question. Have not looked into it though.

      • marblenecltr says:

        Have been thinking much about lack of proper appreciation of your work. Get a good agent! You want to hang on many walls of patrons who will pay great prices. Don’t wait until you die for your work to be sold. Sotheby’s and Christie’s should be avoided unless you disappear or are stricken with a permanent artist debilitation. Look for good promoters of product on television, show the public your work as available for “qualified buyers,” and tell them of the necessity to have your work in their living rooms so that those patrons would receive all the respect they think they deserve. Which would be quite a lot. Okay, enough, I have an artistic sister in the UK who likes Turner a lot, and I think everybody should. He did not go all the way into crazy world here, I would like it in my home, even a print.

      • kinneret says:

        we’ll see. i’ll post when i do the next painting which will be a study based on Mount Nemrut.

      • kinneret says:

        thank you for your kind thoughts and encouragement.

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