Frederic Edwin Church, The Icebergs, 1861


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Hello, and welcome. I'm writing this blog under an alias. Why an alias? I started to write what may be described as an "American Gothic" novel (sort of Henry James/ Franz Kafka with violence) with some autobiographical details. ..when I started this blog I just decided to use the alias. This blog is about art and art history, but my interests also include literature, film analysis, psychology, forensic psychology, faerie tale analysis, cognitive therapy, cognitive linguistics, classical theater, World War II, and Russian and British history. My favorite writers include Kafka, the Brontes, and Philip K Dick. Thank you for reading this blog and I will happily reply to any comments.
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7 Responses to Frederic Edwin Church, The Icebergs, 1861

  1. marblenecltr says:

    Mr. Church, thank you for transporting your heavy equipment to an environment I would not go to with the best of the clothing, shelters, and transportation we have today. Setting up your easel, doing whatever you had to do one hundred and fifty-five years a go to apply your skills so that I could appreciate your work in a comfortable home via the internet. Don’t know what the internet is? Just ask some recent arrivals to your present address, a lot has happened here since you left. In the mean time, thank you for your great work, presenting scenes I can appreciate without traveling to places I don’t want to visit.

    • kinneret says:

      Well. actually I think he painted this based on sketches that were from one of the famous expeditions.

      • marblenecltr says:

        Now I have a decision to make. Either, I didn’t just read that, or I will have to take back my earlier comment. Did artists really cheat like that in the Victorian era? Or whatever era it was, like early in the Lincoln era.

      • kinneret says:

        yes, they would have had to because of the exotic locations and difficult locales (this same school of artists also painted images of far away places lie the Amazon)
        . Although in the case of the Hudson School of Art, I am sure that they really did situate themselves near the Hudson River to paint those glorious sunsets.

  2. marblenecltr says:

    Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Man, do we have it easy or what!

  3. Beautiful. Reminds me so much of the poem “The Imaginary Iceberg” by Elizabeth Bishop.

    • kinneret says:

      I have heard of her but not read her. I’ll look up that poem. Yes, I like this as inspiration to do some painting at home. Landscapes although somewhat more abstract than this one.

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