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Victor Moscoso, Miller Blues Band Poster, San Francisco

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Stunning works posted in 2015

  Nishant Dange, one of my favorite artists that I discovered this year. Beautiful portraits in charcoal. Vania Zouravliov can’t get enough of this artist. Mesmerizing graphic artist/painter with very dark works. Zdislaw Beksinski unquestionably the greatest artist I discovered this … Continue reading

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Happy New Year :) Darkest posts from 2015

Alfred Kubin., Tormented. Harvey Marcus, Myra Hindley: When Art is Evil. Danzig Baldaev, Scenes from the Gulag Mendel Grossman, Lodz Ghetto Magritte, the Menaced Assassin Killers Among Us

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Magenta by Nik Guerra

Magenta is an pinup/dominatrix/femme fatale cartoon character by Nik Guerra, an Italian artist. See his website. I never realized it, but when Michelangelo and other painters made sketches before they completed paintings, the sketches were called cartoons, after carton (Italian) or … Continue reading

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Colorized drawing by me after Anna Nicole Smith

This was sketched by hand (after a photograph), then photographed and imported into a basic editor program (draw) where I colorized it. I’m wondering if any readers could give me feedback regarding the overall quality here, (needs some touch ups) … Continue reading

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The Shining Gingerbread House

In case you missed it in The Huffington Post, a family created the Overlook Hotel from Stanley Kubrick’s fantastic and notorious film The Shining. All from Gingerbread, Rice Krispies, icing, and fondant. Merry Xmas to all.

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Steve Klein, unsure of title

This may be a repugnant photo to some people but I love these cool ironic expressions. It almost seems like a surreal aftermath of a couple killed in a car crash and coming back as zombies. Or alternatively, the guy has just … Continue reading

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Nan Goldin, from Berlin Exhibit

Usually her photos feature LBQT. The photos have raw candor and are highly expressive of their subjects’ feelings and lives. I don’t know anything about photographic technique but I like the style she employs which sometimes reminds me of the … Continue reading

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Stanley Kubrick, Show Girl, photo for Look Magazine

At age 17 before his filmmaking career, Kubrick was the youngest photographer for Look Magazine. As always, he had the eye for framing his shots. Show Girl [Rosemary playing cards in the dressing room.©SK Film Archives/Museum of the City of … Continue reading

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Alice in Wonderland–Puppet

Cheshire Cat Puppt made by the Puppet Kitchen, custom puppet makers in NYC.

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