Masada by AM

“According to the histories of Josephus, the first Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire ended here. In A.D. 73, the First Jewish Revolt agains the Romans was coming to a close. After a months long siege, the Romans finally ascended the cliffs to the gates of the Masada fortress. Before invading, however, they realized the place had fallen to a deadly calm. Expecting an ambush, the Romans pushed ahead nervously. Behind the gates they found only corpses. The 936 Sicarii Jews had all committed mass suicide, knowing it to be favorable to whatever the Romans would deal in retribution.”

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About kinneret

Hello, and welcome. I'm writing this blog under an alias. Why an alias? I started to write what may be described as an "American Gothic" novel (sort of Henry James/ Franz Kafka with violence) with some autobiographical details. ..when I started this blog I just decided to use the alias. This blog is about art and art history, but my interests also include literature, film analysis, psychology, forensic psychology, faerie tale analysis, cognitive therapy, cognitive linguistics, classical theater, World War II, and Russian and British history. My favorite writers include Kafka, the Brontes, and Philip K Dick. Thank you for reading this blog and I will happily reply to any comments.
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1 Response to Masada by AM

  1. marblenecltr says:

    Dark day in history with a great display of courage. Did Josephus play a part in that defeat of fellow Jews by helping the Romans?

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