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R.B. Kitaj: The Man of the Woods and the Cat of the Mountain

Ages ago it seems I first saw a painting by R.B. Kitaj. He is considered a pop artist. The particular image was intriguing and I just wanted to know what it meant. (See more below) The title was The Man … Continue reading

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Julia Margaret Cameron’s child subjects

This is another post on the Pre-Raphaelite British photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron. Her subject Annie Philpot is very intriguing so I tried to find out more. (See more below) Annie was Margaret’s first successful picture. (She received her first camera … Continue reading

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St. Michael and Gothic Art

Juan de la Abadía el Viejo (fl. 1470-1498) was a Spanish painter in the gothic Spanish-Flemish style. See more below. ABADIA, Juan de la The Archangel Michael   The archangel Michael was, like St. George the dragon-killer, a warlike saint in the … Continue reading

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Julia Margaret Cameron, Pre-Raphaelite Photographer

Julia Margaret Cameron was a British Pre-Raphaelite photographer, daughter of Colonial officer in India, who circulated amongst British literary society and made many brilliant portraits of them. Beatrice Cenci (1866), a study for a photographic series devoted to Cenci by … Continue reading

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Hyperrealism: God’s Eye

Ron Mueck is an Australian hyperrealist sculptor who used to create puppets and animatrons. He made his name in the Saatchi Sensation exhibit over ten years ago. His work is disconcerting and produces a shock effect due to the vulnerability of … Continue reading

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Beauty in the Hours: Illuminated manuscript (Book of hours)

 Jean Fouquet, Livres d’heures des Étienne Chevalier, Szene: Heimsuchung circa 1452-1460. This book was commissioned by the treasurer of Charles VII. A book of hours contains psalms and prayers such for lay people. John Ruskin, the English art critic, circulated illuminated manuscripts … Continue reading

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Alfred Kubin (1877-1959) was an Austrian Symbolist or Expressionist artist, depending on your way of classifying him. See more below. Kubin, The Way to Hell, and Into the Unknown (below)    When I was an undergraduate working in an art library I discovered him … Continue reading

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Distortions of Grande Odalisque and Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

Some parallels lie between the works below, with the major themes being: nudity, brothels, colonialism, distortion, and space. See more below. Ingres’ painting, left, Grande Odalisque or Une Odalisque, caused controversial amongst the academy. He was breaking with neo-classicism and … Continue reading

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The uses of art: political propaganda and the power of color

I remember when first seeing the poster of Obama that it reminded me of something, vaguely, but what? That was Russian constructivism and possibly Italian futurism. Shepard Fairey, the graphic designer who came up with Obama’s design, seems to have … Continue reading

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Angels and Insects

Lea Bradovich, Moth Girl. Bradovich was born 1955, studied at Pratt Institute of Art. Embeds classical motifs in her work.

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